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Nebula is an English Astronaut with the Dogs In Space Agency (DISA). They are a variety streamer - though with a strong lean towards sci-fi, horror and soulslike games. Their content is a mixture of relaxed gaming whilst chatting, fun and difficult challenges, and sometimes some speed-running. If anything adds challenge to a game, this dog will give it a try whilst having a laugh with chat!

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Nebula grew up with thier 100 siblings, which prompted her to really chase her dreams to try and stand out. After years of hard work and perseverance - Nebula earned a place as an Astronaut at DISA (Dogs in Space Association); the canine answer to NASA.

Nebula's mission was as part of the crew on DISA's manned mission to Jupiter's moons, known as the Juno 2 mission after following NASA's Juno mission probe. Whilst on their way to Jupiter - the ship passed through a dense cloud of background radiation, causing damage to certain parts of the ship. This event has been redacted from all DISA records, so what exactly happened is unknown, but out of the 12 crew only Nebula survived. It was during this event that Nebula lost her left arm, which is now replaced by a robotic prosthetic. Rather than turn back, Nebula continued with the mission, taking over the duties of her colleagues and reaching Jupiter alone. It was at this time that they started taking up Vtubing in their spare time, broadcasting the fun and games they played whilst not conducting research.

In August of 2021 - Streams stopped and DISA - Juno 2 communications ceased entirely - leading many to think something catastrophic had happened. On December 8th 2021 - DISA received distress signals from the Juno 2 station. The files were corrupted heavily by the time they had been picked up by Earth, however the message was clear. Something had followed the Astronaut from one of Jupiter's moons, and caused even further damage to the station. With no options left to them, DISA engaged a recall protocol on the craft, changing it's trajectory to return to Earth. The transmissions received from Nebula only increased in intensity, warning everyone that Jupiter wasn't safe, that NASA and DISA didn't fully understand what they had uncovered.

When the craft finally made it within live transmission range of Earth, something had changed about Nebula. Not only had their appearance changed but their attitude was now more mature, not the same Seiso Dog that had left Earth a few years prior. Perhaps stranger still was the fact that during her debrief, she completely denied any knowledge of any creature onboard the station with her, even when presented with videos of herself talking about the alien or pictures of the claw marks and damage to vessel. No trace of the creature was ever found and it has brought into question what happened on board the Juno 2 for the months of its return between Nebula and this unknown creature.

The astronaut was set up in a freshly repaired station, now orbiting Earths Moon to conduct additional research. In truth, this also allows DISA to keep a very close eye on her and monitor for any signs of the creature's return. This however, allowed her to return to streaming with a new and improved set up, no longer reliant on an old Windows XP system that the station had previously been running on.

No one can say for sure what happened to the Juno 2 mission, but there is a good deal of speculation amongst DISA staff. Some suggest Nebula fought the creature off, and has some form of amnesia as a result of her injuries. Others believe there never was any creature, Nebula was just starting to lose her mind and faked the incident to return home to earth. A smaller fringe group believe that Nebula struck some form of deal with the Alien - allowing it to use her as a symbiotic host in exchange for both of their survival.

The truth?

Only Nebula truly knows.

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