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Nebride, or Neb for short, is a slime foxgirl vtuber and VRChat streamer with full-body and face tracking from Norway. Her streams involve dancing (or "wiggling") and vibing to a wide variety of music or playing horror games and VRChat horror maps. A prominent aspect of her streams is the frequent and sometimes radical avatar changes whether on her own volition or at her chat's request, explained by her lore as an ability she has as a shape-shifting slime creature. Many of the forms though involve outfits with a generally black, latex/PVC/rubber aesthetic. Her streams usually also have song requests open for anyone to provide a "communal playlist" of songs with days having different vibes, such as EDM, metal, hip hop or chill.

She places great emphasis on having a supportive, respectful community with good vibes, calling herself "your favorite shiny vibetuber". She started on Twitch years ago, but as of July 2023, she streams on rival platform Kick.

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Much of the developed lore around the original character of Nebride has not been disclosed yet to the public. She used to be a normal human who was kidnapped in public one day and put into a "drone chamber", where "drones" tried experimenting on her. They tried to hypnotize her and they injected her with a poison which ended up turning her into a slime creature. She refers to this event as a "failed experiment" when talking about her past.

As a slime, she can easily change forms at will to play tricks on or entertain people, her preferred form being that of a fluffy fennec foxgirl.

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