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Natalie the Dream Demon, aka NatalieIsNot, is a chaotic and easily distracted English-speaking VTuber. Don't let her looks fool you though, she's definitely not cute! She's a demon, after all!

Natalie often does chatting streams, and loves talking to people and hearing their stories. Why don't you stop by and hang out? The community is lovely!

She also loves telling stories herself, and, fair warning, she can sometimes be a little long-winded.

Lore Edit

Banished from the Earth several millennia ago for what she sees as a false transgression, the dream demon Natalie floated through the cosmos, forced to live out her punishment in the ultimate solitude, unable to remember where home was.

She saw plenty of amazing sights, occasionally met new sentient species across the galaxy, and even saw wonders her mind couldn't comprehend! However, the universe has a sense of humor. Once you've spent millennia drifting through it unprotected, it has a way of changing you. Her horns began to glow and sparkle, reflecting the very environment she was forced into.

At some point, the demon was left adrift through a region of space with absolutely nothing. Left with nothing but her thoughts, she fell asleep and began a dream of her own. She dreamed of being back on Earth, of fantastical tales of talking animal people, of wandering spirits, of shapeshifters unable to control their form. She even dreamed she had made a name for herself.

But demons, like all living things, must eat eventually. Natalie, being a dream demon, fed off the energy of people's dreams. The hunger woke her from her dream and back to reality. However, upon waking up, she realized she knew where home was. Her punishment was over! It was time to go home!

It was time to FEED!

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