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A Chaotic Variety Streamer creating content in English. Nary is a wild and slightly unhinged vtuber who enjoys a wide variety of games. She particularly enjoys playing Indie Games, particularly games that explore LGBTQIA+ Themes. She is lesbian and seeks to create a safe, affirming and supportive space for other LGBTQIA+ vtubers. Her content is only intended for mature audiences.

Lore Edit

A fugitive clone initially created to be the perfect soldier, now living on the run in the streets of Elysium City.

Just before she was “born” as Subject NA-423, one of the scientists who was creating her was pounced on by an escaped snow-leopard from the Animal Cloning Wing. The scientist survived, but some snow leopard fur fell from her lab-coat and into NA-423’s tank by accident. As a result, NA-423 came to be born with snow-leopard ears and tail.

In the lab, NA-423 wasn't treated like a human. Her creators wanted a perfectly obedient super-soldier. She was kept in a cell and subjected to cruel experiments. NA-423 tried and failed to escape the lab many times, and her disobedient streak quickly became a headache for her creators.

Finally, on the day that NA-423 was scheduled to have a cybernetic neural control implant inserted into her brain, NA-423 finally escaped, leaving a trail of violence and destruction across the lab in her wake. Now that she finally had her first taste of freedom she was never going back. She fled from the smoldering lab and into the Dystopian Neon-Lit Metropolis of Elysium City, discarding her "designation" and giving herself a name; Nary.

Of course, her creators weren't going to just let her walk free. The lab that made her was bankrolled by a powerful network of people, with shareholders on just about every company board in Elysium City. No politician would so much as cross the street without them putting up a walk sign. To them, Nary was both too valuable and too dangerous to be allowed to walk free. Thus, Nary became Elysium City's Most Wanted. Police Bulletin Alerts calling for her arrest were broadcasted on every holoscreen across Elysium City's towering skyscrapers.

For her part, Nary relished the infamy. With a love of causing chaos, Nary fully embracing her newfound freedom as a notorious criminal, and she vowed she would never let herself be taken back to the lab that made her.

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