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They're Naphothy a Malaysia REALITY Vtuber. All Chinese speaking that are use in Naphothy's videos will be Taiwanese accent, so for those who are from Malaysia hope you don't mind. Probably their Taiwan accent are not really good, so they hope the people from Taiwan will understand too 🙏🏻. Ofc, English and Japanese will be included but Chinese will be more than them.

Naphothy小音是馬來西亞的REALITY Vtuber。他用的中文在影片裏都會是臺灣口音,所以如果有馬來西亞的朋友們希望不要介意。可能他的台灣口音會不是很好,所以希望台灣的朋友們也不要介意🙏🏻。當然英文和日文也會在內啦但是中文會比較多喔。他也有個小團體叫LEZIX,成員總共有4位包括他自己。

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