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NAO【The Blue Dove】

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NAO whose nickname is The Blue Dove, is an Arabic VTuber with a distinctive design that differs from everyone else.

"And If You Can't, I Can Finish Them For You."

NAO's calm personality, which some people think is dangerous for a few seconds, but when talking to Nao and dealing with her, it can be seen that she has a darkly cheerful side.

Her fanbase are "W45." The strange thing is that it's pronounced: Wei Shi Gu.

Likes and dislikes Likes: Money. Shiny thing. Investigation. Psychological games. Writing.

She hates anything pink.

Miscellaneous She can speak Arabic, English, and Japanese.

Twitter hashtags -NaoLIVU - Live -Naoill - Fan art -NaoVoi - VoiceAct -W45 - Fan

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The story takes its course when history is disturbed and mixed with the present. But Nao was not in the past, but rather a defect occurred that led to the disruption of her identity over the ages and her impersonation of several identities over the years she lived. And now, in this eternal repetitive life, she is now 【The Blue Dove】 trying to prove her balance and live as a human being.

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