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Nano Yasu

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Nano is a Yokai Samurai Exorcist living in a distant Cyberpunk universe who mostly plays FFXIV, does Vtuber Model Art/Rigging, but also enjoys variety games. He mostly streams on Twitch but is known to upload to TikTok and other social media platforms as well. Nano also takes commissions for his Vtuber model art and rigging services. He is always friendly to new people and enjoys making friends. Nano's dream as a Vtuber is to have a colourful and vibrant community to spend his time with.

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Long ago, humans created a boundary between life and death. When they sealed the world beyond the living, gradually, they seemed to forget the horrors stored inside. Classified as apparitions, the monsters hidden behind the veil grew restless and began showing up back on Earth as vengeful spirits wishing revenge on those who locked them away. In areas the boundary is weak, they feed on the space between and emerge as what we like to call "Soulless". My job is to stop them from hurting anyone. The government picked a handful of humans who were fit to be exorcists, aptly dubbed Yokai. They needed to possess a strong connection to the boundary, and unyielding mental willpower. Partnering with a docile Soulless, we are able to take on the form they give to us and fight back against the apparitions tearing through the boundary. Unlike traditional Yokai who are given one Soulless partner, I have two: Yureiko and Yureito. By being able to form a pact with both, I have obtained a higher grade of abilities at my disposal, but at the cost of my humanity, becoming more Soulless than Human.

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