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Namsuke Ichinose

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Namsuke is a demon bird king vtuber. But sometimes go by prince to keep a low profile. He makes content in English but can understand a little Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

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From another world full of hatred and destruction, a place where no ordinary human can survive but only demons can. A ruthless era full of kings. But there is only one king that stands out from them all and that king is Namsuke Ichinose. The legendary kingslayer known by all kings and is feared by many but also respected. Namsuke does not just slay any king but the ones who are scums to the planet. So guess you can say Namsuke is a hero. This what got him into becoming the king of kings, even emperors are afraid of encountering with him. Namsuke was born as a demon bird, somewhat resembles a white dove but not any dove. He was forced to live on his own after people founding out that he was a rare demon. His kingdom was raided, his parents were slaughtered. As he grew his hatred became stronger. All he thought about was revenging the death of his parents and restoring the fallen kingdom.

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