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06/24/2023 (unofficial)
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Nalvak is a male Vtuber/Vstreamer who primarily makes Master Duel content on their Duelsphere YouTube Channel, but will occasionally stream on Twitch or YouTube depending on the game.

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In the year 2363 of the Celestial Calendar, nearly 2000 years after the events of "Heavens War", a married pair of archeologists happened upon some hidden ruins within a cave. It was in these ruins that the two found something truly surprising, an infant with a desaturated body that seemed to be in a magical stasis. As the female reached out and touched the infant's body, color returned to it, and the once silent and motionless baby let out its first cry. Puzzled by how and why the infant was there to begin with, not even a clue in the ruins could provide them an answer. They decided to bring the infant home with them, adopting it, and giving it the name "Nalvak".

Years went by as Nalvak grew up in a quiet and peaceful village with his new parents, unaware of his origins. He would spend his days adventuring in the surrounding forest, and helping out the other villagers. Not long after his sixteenth birthday, tragedy struck. When he was out exploring in the forest, unbeknownst to him, his village was being raided by a terrible group of thieves who called themselves the "Black Hand", an infamous group of the most ruthless murderers and thieve known in the Zazath Kingdom. When Nalvak finally returned to his village after seeing a tower of smoke above the trees, he witnessed only the aftermath. Death and Destruction in every corner of the village. As he hurried back to his home, he saw his parents, bloody and weak, barely managing to hold on. He held them close, face drenched with tears as they spoke their final words to him, thanking him for being their miracle child, apologizing for not being his real parents, and wishing for him to continue to help others as he always had before. They both passed in his arms with a smile on their face, proud of the boy they raised.

After a time of mourning, Nalvak buried his adopted parents, and the rest of the villagers, and then set out for the outside world, to fulfill his parents dying wish. He traveled to many of places within the Zazath Kingdom, helping those he met along the way. Eventually he found himself in the neighboring Kingdom of Mistral. Upon arriving in a new town, he heard talk of a war that recently started between the Daehenis Kingdom and the Mistral Kingdom, with Daehenis seeming to have attacked without warning. Other whispers mentioned a reward for the capture of Princess Valeris of Mistral, that the Daehenis Kingdom promises a large reward and protection for anyone who brings them Princess Valeris. Concerned about the current state of things, Nalvak investigates around town. When he witnesses a group of townsfolk capture a girl and her protectors, he follows them to an abandoned outpost just outside the town. Upon saving the girl and her protectors, he learns that she is indeed Princess Valeris, and requests Nalvak help her reach the Capital City of the Zazath Kingdom.

After a long journey, they reach the Croita, the Capital City of Zazath, unfortunately losing one of Valeris's guards along the way. During a meeting with the King of Zazath, a group of Daehenis Assassins attack, but are quickly dispatched. It was through this exchange however that the King of Zazath discovered the reason for the Daehenis Kingdom's invasion, and why they are relentlessly pursuing Valeris. They desire the jewel Princess Valeirs has on her necklace, also known as the "Sacred Treasure of Water", it is one of seven Sacred Treasures said to harbor great power. The King of Zazath theorized that Daehenis invaded in order to get their hands on the Sacred Treasure of Water, and hunt down the others as well all for the goal of using them as keys to open the Gates of Hell and freeing the Demons once more. With Valeris focused on building a volunteer army to reclaim her Kingdom, the King of Zazath turned to Nalvak instead and requested him to seek out the remaining Sacred Treasures, and keep them from falling into the Daehenis Kingdom's hands. Nalvak accepted this mission, and was entrusted with Valeris's Sacred Treasure of Water, to ensure its safety, a feat that intrigued the King, as only those born of one of the Sage's Bloodlines could handle the treasure without falling to its curse, but Nalvak seemed unaffected. Thus started a long and perilous journey to find the remaining Sacred Treasures.

Nalvak met many allies along the way, and even found love. Throughout this journey however, he would occassionally encounter a mysterious figure wearing a cloak and a mask that hid his identity. The mask had a strange design, showing a face with the Left Eye sewn shut, and the Mouth also sewn shut, the meaning behind this mask being revealed later. Somewhere along the way, Nalvak is captured by an Angel, but not one on the side of Heaven, this one worked for a Fallen Angel, his older sister in fact. The Angel brought Nalvak to their hidden camp and revealed to him that their leader, Kaziah, is actually Nalvak's birth mother, and Tellius, the Angel who brought him there, his Uncle. Upon meeting his real mother, she was overwhelmed with joy and sorrow, but when things calmed down, she started to reveal the truth....

Long ago, there was a group of beings called the Mayura, they were the Gods of the Euteria Dimension. They created the Angels, Demons, Dragons, and many of the other great races. However conflict erupted between the Angels, Demons and Dragons in particular, a conflict that threatened the very planet they lived on. To put a stop to it, the Mayura descended from Heaven and put a stop to the fighting. As punishment, they sealed away the leaders of the 3 races, the leader of the Angels was sealed in the center of the Sun, the leader of the Demons was sealed in the center of the Moon, and the leader of the Dragons was sealed in the center of the Planet.

With that over, the fighting stopped, and seemingly the world was once more at peace. However the new leader of the Angels, Theta, had other plans. She conspired with her people, and even managed to convince the Demons to fight back against their own creators in an attempt at revenge for their former leaders being sealed away, this would later be called "Heaven's War". The Angels and Demons attacked their creators in a surprise attack, wiping them out completely, and claiming Heaven for their own. After the dust settled, the true ambitions of Theta came to light. She absorbed the essence of the Mayura and evolved into a greater being, and using her newfound power, she betrayed the Demons, sealing them away in a Pocket Dimension the Mayura would use as a "Dimensional Prison" to lock away their more dangerous creations, called Hell. With the betrayal, the Angels fearful of Theta's power, fell in line and a new false history was spread amongst the lesser races, a history that portrayed the Angels as the Gods, and the Demons as a great evil, an instrument of fear.

Kaziah also revealed that Nalvak's father is the current leader of the Demons, now sealed away in Hell, so not only has he learned he was an Angel, but he was something more, a hybrid between an Angel and a Demon, he was an Adelis. After he was born, and his hybrid blood was revealed, Theta tried to destroy him for being a product of a Demon. When Theta unleashed a powerful attack, Kaziah used her power to shield Nalvak, but as a result, the blast sent him out of Heaven and he fell to the lesser world, where the residual power of Kaziah's protective spell would put him in a stasis-like state. The reason for Nalvak's pure white hair and lack of Demonic Blood is a result of his body splitting into two separate entities, one harboring his Angelic Blood, the other his Demonic Blood. It was here that he realized the identity of the masked individual.

This new info was a lot for Nalvak to process, but reality quickly set in when a voice echoed through the camp, "I have found you..." with those words, a sudden flash of light enveloped the camp, incinerating everything in its path. Kaziah, sacrificing herself managed to save Nalvak, just as she did when he was born. Armed with new info, he reunites with his group, and tells them everything. Some didn't believe him, and even leave the group, believing their faith in the Angels over the story Nalvak told. With those who stayed behind, Nalvak set out for the Daehenis Kingdom, where he would once again encounter the masked man.

The Masked Man could tell that Nalvak now knew the truth, and revealed his face, a face identical to Nalvak's their only difference being their hair and eye colors. He revealed the hidden meaning behind his mask, that the symbolism of the sewn shut eye, and the open eye is that "Truth sees all, while Lies are blindly followed", and the sewn shut mouth symbolizing his inability to speak the truth, as the Angels were always watching. As the masked individual who calls himself Kizon lead them into the King's Throneroom, they saw Ciaus, the King of Daehenis dead on his throne. Kizon had killed him prior to Nalvak's arrival, as his descent into madness became too great a risk.

Nalvak watched as Kizon gathered the Sacred Treasures together, and a gate covered in chains appeared before them. With the power of the Sacred Treasures, the chains began to break, and the doors swung wide open. The first one to come out of the gate was Sidius, the leader of the Demons, as well as Nalvak and Kizon's father. Many others poured out after him, as the Demons were now free. Sidius immediately recognized the two as his children, and for the first time ever, embraced them. After an extensive talk with Sidius, where both sides were caught up on the events of the past, and everything leading up to present day, it was finally time for Nalvak and Kizon to return to their original selves. Extending a hand toward one another, both Nalvak and Kizon's bodies began to overlap as the two returned to their original form. Nalvak remained the dominant personality, but whispers of Kizon were still present. Their hair now a split between Black and White, and their eyes now Heterochromia, a Red Eye and Blue Eye, they are now truly an Adelis.

(More to come... eventually... lol)

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