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NaGeL Bailey

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NaGeL Bailey is a Zombie Gigolo who creates horror videos and plays horror games. He creates content in both English and Hungarian.
Streams both on YouTube and Twitch. If you like the weird, the ooki and the spooky or just general horror fan and want to watch a chill person, NaGeL's content may be for you.

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Welcome, dear patrons, to the Graveyard Club! I'm NaGeL Bailey, Zombie Gigolo and your service, and your current host. Come have a seat at the bar and let me entrain you.

Let me show you horrors beyond your imagination where I enter other dimensions and play various games that might frighten you.

Listen to me and my tales of the macabre and weird, and goosebumps are not excluded.

Or do you just want to relax? Well, the cabaret club has a bar where you can enjoy various drinks and chat with other members.

Or maybe you want something more? You can always contact me for some personal time~

But all in all... Have a seat, grab a drink and enjoy the show.

The Graveyard Club, a cabaret club exist between dimensions as a resting place for weary travellers and the host accepts everyone and all. Enjoy a drink at the bar, or watch a show at the stage If you're brave enough you can visit other places through the dimensional gates. Life insurance is not included.

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