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MommyTofus, [ENGLISH and SPANISH VTUBER] is an aged owl whose main purpose is to create a safe space for those who welcome them. An owl Vtuber, who stands no greater than 5'3, tries their best to seem as victorious as they can in games of all platforms, while unfortunately being conquered by literally everyone.

The owl plays games like Valorant, League of legends, and Overwatch, along with other PVP games.

They are mostly known for their irresistible laugh, which sounds exactly like a bird screaming, along with their soft voice and caring nature.

They mostly Stream Monday- Wednesday full days in EST TImes.

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The fallen Owlkin of the Sky Tribe, MommyTofus ( Buho is the characters name) ruled the sky kingdom with their owl brethren as they flew only above the clouds, their armors plated with the tints of the sun, their protector. As the Tribe's main commander, Buho secured the safety of their people, negotiating and directing order to everything that was needed to keep the people SAFE.

Yet chaos always finds a way to seep in, as the opposing Tribe of death and sorrow charged in with a surprise attack, an attack Buho and their community weren't expecting, and many fell to the great war that emerged from the encounter.

While mid-battle, Buho had fallen off the clouds of their city while fighting the leader of the Tribe of death, and unfortunately for Buho, any Owlkin who had suffered through the fall down to the human world would lose their access to the world above, causing Buho to lose their back wings, forcing them to roam the land of the ground people. They now spend their time in search of access back to their home, as they learn the ways of the ground people.

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