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Mochu is a gremlin/chill streamer who mostly streams chill games, occasionally horror games and fps games. She mostly plays games for now but has plans to expand more in the future. She's mostly seen in collabs with PHVtubers but is open to more collabs from people around the world.

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A puppet modelled as a 1:1 replica of a grieving toymaker's daughter that was brought to life by said father's grief (later converted to a Plaguehart) over the loss of his daughter. She was later abandoned by her creator after he thought the puppet is slowly replacing his daughter. Seeking refuge in the very mansion she was abandoned in thinking that he'd return for her one day, she tried to make the best for herself but ultimately succumbs to her own despair after coming to terms that her owner has completely abandoned her. Overcome by her own despair and anger, she took out her anger on a nearby village, desecrating it completely and leaving phantom survivors.

Centuries later, she roams the village one day to hear circus music playing from afar. Curious, she approached the source of the sound. From a distance, she sees the red and white tent and decided to approach it. Looking in, she saw a tall lanky man, who she will later know as the Ringleader surrounded by children. Wanting to experience the love for herself, she approached the Ringleader, only to have the children run away from the both of them. Out of pure anger, the puppet thought of lashing out at the kids running away but was stopped by the Ringleader, who took her out on a walk while he explained the way the circus works.

Intrigued by what she had heard, She decided to take matters into her own hands and get rid of the Ringleader so she could have all the love for herself. Disposing of the body with Nillaco's help, she assimilated herself into the circus seamlessly, implanting false memories in the current staff so they would accept her. The Plaguehart in her has fully integrated itself to the circus tent, taking fear from the attendees' hearts and replacing them with euphoria as soon as they stepped into circus grounds. The effects are temporary and would only work if they are in circus grounds. Hence the birth of Cirque De Euphorie.

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