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Moccachi Amai



I also known as "Mocchi", she is a Vtuber from Costa Rica, she is an Spanish speaker but know a bit of English.

She's a very charismatic and friendly Vtuber but also a very lovely and some find her sexy by her voice. Mocca is extremely known for being too expresive at playing of talking, because of her kind, caring personality and her good advices, she has become a trustable friend of her audience.

Mocchi is usually streaming while playing competitive Video Games such as League of Legends, Apex Legends, Call Of Duty, Fortnite but also enjoys to spend time in VRCHAT while she plays and talks with her viewers.

Despite of her social abilities, she also has artistic skills, so you'll find her sometimes doing crafts, props, scultping, sewing or drawing on IRL streams but without needing to show her face, even though Mocca is a Cosplayer in real life, she rathers to keep those activities apart and enjoy the cosplaying process with her viewers to teach them or experiment together.

Lore Edit

Moccachi Amai is a legendary dragon from a dimension named "Frahla", she was raised by her grandparents in a dimension where magic exists, Mocca once read an ancient book that told how to create a portal, but what Mocca did not know was that portal would send her to the dimension of humans and it was not possible to return, since the same book cited that location would be random so the coordinates had to be found out to return to the starting point.

Then Mocca enters the "Earth" from the portal leading her to a cave where Mocca starts to survive in order to know the environment of Earth, Mocca tries to survive in the cave experimenting with varieties of animals, insects and plants, she tests if they are harmful or not to consume and after long days she gets to exit the cave, then she starts to interact with the sun, moon, and all the other creatures and types of environments from the world, later after months she discover the humans, she, as a magical dragon who can change her form to whatever she pleases, as long as she has some cristals and the world gives her magic, tries to change her form to human with a lot of effort because the lack of magic in the human world, so she first barely changed her form to a human one, excluding her wings and horns, but with a lot of practice she learned how to make her wings disappear...

Later, Mocca after months of knowing the world of humans and interacting with them, somebody saw her in her dragon form, thats where she began to be persecuted by humans who thought she was a harmful monster for them, Mocca gets captured and that's when she learned about the cruelty of humans... Humans wheren't as kind and good as she thought... because she started to get tortured and humiliated by them on her cell.

As the years went by, a rumor was spreading of a creature that changed into a human form that was being tortured by the royal guards and a person who was against injustice appeared to help Mocca, despite never having met or seen her before, so he rescued her and took her to a safe place where he helped her recover.

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