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MizukiJenny is a comfy streamer who streams in English to grow a wider audience for everyone. She streams playing games as well as mess around in games to have fun with friends or without. Her main focus for streams is to make new friends as well as making everyone laugh.

She is a very chill streamer at most times but she wants to have high energy for everyone to sit back and relax while laughing with her.

She plays story mode games at her best but she tries to play RPGs like a battle royal ( apex, Fortnite..etc).

Jenny is from Norway, she loves to talk about her culture in Norway. She loves to travel throughout the world so she has a lot of stories to tell. Jenny lived in China for 3 years when she was 12 years old.

Her birthday is 23 July 2004, but as she says always, Age is just a number when it comes to humor.

Jenny started streaming in October 2020, but has always streamed when she was little as well as making youtube content.

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Jenny's lore is about having a quirk.

Her quirk is Sun/Moon. She can flash her opponents with her left eye when in battle as a result of this her eye is yellow. On her right eye, she has an eye patch. This eye patch has a moon on it because she can see in the dark. This ability is very vulnerable to the sunlight, thus she has an eye patch. Her quirk results in her seeing bad because she only has one eye to see with at a time.

This lore was inspired by the universe MHA since Jenny's favorite anime is My Hero Academia.

Jenny currently isn't a very big VStreamer so her character isn't very optimal for her liking but when she has the opportunity she wants a better model to show her character more.

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