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Miyu (未羽) was a female Chinese VTuber affiliated with VirtuaReal, NIJISANJI's Chinese Virtual Liver branch, as part of its fourteenth generation. Her birthday is on 6 February. She is an Aquarius. She comes from the Nekomata World.

On 6 March 2022, she announced that she would be returning to the Nekomata World on 8 March. Virtual gifts would be accepted until the 31st of the same month. Her content still remains.

Miyu's bilibili page.

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This investigator came from a mysterious demon country where she was sent by higher-ups to observe and investigate human society. During the day, she likes to taste all kinds of gourmet food, hooligans everywhere in the city call her their sister, and she acts as a gang leader who can talk and joke with anyone. She returns home in the evening, and with a lamp and a cup of tea, she compiles a report deep into the night. Her salary is docked for frequently not submitting reports on time. Waking up every midnight in a bed surrounded by sixteen small nightlights, she can’t help bundling up tightly in her little quilt and becoming a crying kitty.

But there are also things that make Miyu happy in this kind of life, that is, meeting many very unusual people, such as a girl who never leaves the house and can only communicate through the window (under the eaves outside her window is a good place for a quiet nap), a young noblewoman who uses magic to send express deliveries to different worlds (she passes on the investigation reports), a cool, ruthless young man who doesn't use an umbrella or catch a cold during storms (heard that the little white snake called Weizi was originally his own tail), and also the young man’s wealthy friend. It was this exact languid young master who approached them and asked if they wanted to join an organisation called VirtuaReal together. Hearing that she can get to know more people quickly, Miyu gladly agreed.

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