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Mitchie Soren is a female VTuber who streams in English and primarily on Twitch. She is known for her Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and Just Chatting streams, though she also streams a variety of other games. Her main goal is to cultivate a community that wants to have fun alongside her no matter what she's doing. Mitchie doesn't suck blood; instead, she feeds off of her fans' love.

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Mitchie materialized in an undisclosed location in the late 1990s. Because of the unusual circumstances surrounding her birth, she does not know much about other vampires and takes educated guesses about them, even going so far as to make up the idea that their age is one human year times ten (thus making her 250 years old). Some have come to believe that she is actually a succubus because of her lewd nature - the fact that she claims that she feeds off her fans love doesnt help her case - but Mitchie denies these claims.

She also chooses to keep hidden from those around her that she is actually a shapeshifter who took the form of a vampire because she thought they were cool, like, ten years ago. She obsesses over vampires to this day, though, which is why she has refused to change her form in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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