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MissMyusagii is a Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who makes content in English. She's a English VTuber who debuted on the 10th August 2020. She primarily streams art on Twitch.

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From the heavens she looked upon the earth giving her blessings to all newly planted mangoes but someday Myu got interrupted. She put all her work aside and listend to the angelic voices that came from the world. She searched where those voices were coming from.

"H-Hololive? Japan?..."

She didn't understand the girls language but enjoyed it nontheless. She got enlightend by the creation of "VTubers". Before she even knew it her silent prayers turned out to be singing and dancing sessions. This went on for a month. From all the happines the mangoes gotten even better.

One day Myu's hair clip shone bright.

"Why are you so happy my godess?" a manly pleasant voice asked. "Arseen!" she screamed.

Myu explained about her new passion that she found.He was overwhelmed with the news but also relieved.

"Hmm... I see... Do you want to become a VTuber aswell?" he asked. "I'm a godess... I can't neglect my duties." Myu replied.

After some time and thinking he responded "You can live with me and I can help you with your duties, that's why we have our contract in the first place."

Myu's cat ears got all wiggly. "I- I can see you again and can become a real VTuber?"

"Just... please wear something more appropiate not like the last time..." he worriedly said.

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