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Mireii666 also known as Mireii is a female independent Indian VTuber, she is comfy Lgbtqia+ chill vstreamer who uses pronouns she/her they/them and feminine nouns. She typically streams on Twitch and makes content in English, she loves cats, she loves to draw and play Indie games and fast fps like Apex Legends, also Valorant, her main is Sage and Catalyst and she wants to be mnk #no 1 Catalyst for region India.

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"Mireii, the Alchemist Witch, leads a mystical cult with a profound interest in the arcane arts. Despite her commanding presence, she seem to bear a weight of her tragic past trauma, which she conceals behind an eye patch that covers her one eye.

Gifted with extraordinary magical abilities, Mireii delves deep into her studies and experiments, seeking to unravel the secrets of the universe. With her keen intellect and penchant for ancient rituals.

beneath her composed exterior lies an unorthodox side to Mireii's personality. She reveals a unique masochistic inclination, deriving a peculiar pleasure from enduring challenging situations.

Alongside her distinctive traits, Mireii openly embraces her neurodivergent identity as an autistic individual. Her unique perspective and sensitivity enhance her perceptions of the metaphysical realm, allowing her to tap into energies others might overlook.

Despite her complex nature, Mireii is known for her charismatic presence and unwavering determination. Through her virtual realm, she strives to share her knowledge, entertain her audience, and make a lot of friends along her journey.

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