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Mirai Xavier

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Mirai Xavier (also known as Mirai) is a female independent VTuber based in the USA. She has been streaming on Twitch since October of 2022. She used a customizable model from Booth commonly referred to as Mirai 0.5 but has officially debuted to her current 2D on April 21st 2023.

Mirai is a chaotic bunny girl not afraid of an adventure. She hates spiders and spoopy things though. She leads the taquito cult bringing joy and happiness to the inhabitants of Earth.

Forming bonds and connections with the people through Vtubing brings her the most joy.

Mirai is a bunny girl oracle from the planet of Leporos. She has lavender colored hair with twin braids going down each side of her head. She has heterochromia eyes one pink and the other blue. A long cat like tail not common to an Earth style bunny which hints at her otherworldly place of origin.

She wears a fancy dress thats adorned with blinking stars on the skirt and a white bow at the end of her tail. Adorned on her ears are star gems and her antenna charm that allows her a connection back to Loporos.

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Once upon a time, there was a bunny girl oracle named Mirai who lived on the planet of Leporos. Mirai was a wise and powerful seer, but she had never heard of VTubing before. One day, Mirai received a vision of a world far away from her own, a place called Earth. She felt a deep calling to travel to this world and offer her guidance to those who needed it most.

Mirai used her magic to transport herself to Earth, and as soon as she arrived, she realized that this world was very different from her own. The air was thick with pollution, and the people rushed around, too busy to stop and appreciate the beauty of their world. Mirai felt a deep sadness in her heart as she saw the suffering of the people around her, but she knew that she could make a difference.

Mirai decided to use her magic to help the people of Earth, but she quickly realized that they were unable to see her. They were so consumed with their own worries and fears that they couldn't believe in something as magical as a bunny girl oracle. Mirai knew that she needed to find a way to connect with the people on Earth, so she decided to start VTubing.

At first, Mirai was hesitant about VTubing. She had never done it before, and it seemed like a strange way to communicate with people. However, as she started streaming her adventures, she realized that VTubing was the perfect way to connect with people on Earth. Her streams caught the attention of a few people who believed in her message and started following her channel.

Mirai used her powers to help those in need and spread kindness and love wherever she went, all while continuing to VTub. As time passed, Mirai became a popular VTuber on Earth, and her messages of love and kindness reached millions of people. She knew that her journey to Earth had been a success, and she decided to continue her VTubing on Earth. She realized that Earth needed her guidance, and she was willing to stay as long as it took to make a difference.

And so, Mirai continued to VTub on Earth, spreading her message of love and kindness to all who would listen. She knew that she had found a new home on this planet and that her VTubing had become more than just a way to make people believe that she existed. It had become a way to connect with people, to make a difference, and to bring joy to the world.

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