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Minachu (Empress Mina)



Pre-Debut Minachu is the Vampire Empress. Variety streaming casually to connect with her people. Her goals are to virtually advocate, spread knowledge, kindness, and help others.

Accessible Gaming and Clothing Advocate. The brand mascot representative of Mirai Mavens, and Mirai Gaming.

Most Played Games: League of Legends, Valheim, Animal Crossing, Dark Souls, Subnautica, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, Clip Studio and Photoshop Art

Lore Edit

Empress Mina's Lore:

Key points: Direct Descendant of Vlad Dracul Tepes [True Blood Lineage]; Emotional Shapeshifter; Flight Adept

Usual appearance: School-aged for reasons of intellectual and political deception. Humans typically find youth to be ignorant by comparison to the wisdom of elders.

Associated symbols: MavenMarque™ Logo, Ankh, Lotus Oshi Mark: Lotus :white_flower:

Eyes: Tsurime styled, in twilight sunrise/sunset colours. (Change when shapeshifted) Catlike small pupils and heart-shaped highlights. Thicker angular brows.

Hairstyle: Spiraled Curly drills pulled into twin-tails. Sideswept flipped upward bangs and asymmetrical framing fringe around the face. The shorter side curls around below the eye, and the longer side S curves to a curl just below the chin.

Clothing: When engaging the public an eloquently adorned monarch, with close friends casual to fit in better and create a more relaxed environment. Never wears pants, always wears stockings and platform shoes. Colours: Twilight array.

Mirai Mavens

Mavens come in pairs and represent a fashion core theme. One of the paired Mavens light colour themed, and the other Darker colour themed. A little something for all the facets of your personal style.
Accessible, gender, size, and height inclusive trendy core sustainable fashions for any body! Let's bring this dream to life together!

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