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Mika is a half vampire, half cat variety daily streamer based in Australia. She started streaming on December 17th 2021 using a Vroid model, but has redebuted with a L2D model on June 30th 2023. She also has a black cat named Rhysand (Ree-sand), that is named after a book character from A Court of Thorns & Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

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A Vampire that was captured, tortured and experimented on by a deranged Vampire Hunter a couple hundreds of years ago. The results that came out from said experiments were cat features on my body - making me become half vampire and half cat. As a side effect of this, I now crave attention (give me head pats and praises please!), but for some reason hate seafood. So, it appears that the deranged Hunter failed at his experiments of turning me into a full-on cat, if that’s what he wanted to accomplish. Now I just stay inside my home avoiding the sunlight - playing games, watching anime, reading manga and drinking blood.

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