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might is a void mask vtuber that has the ability to get along with most people and is known to hate a certain minister of education

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the mask's origin The mask of the void was created by a void demon that sought to the realms beyond the void. The mask was faulty and didn't abide by every command so the void demon chose to discard it and send his voidlings to destroy it.

the mask was later found by a group adventurers in some area in the void,he asked them about their names the first adventurer answered him : i am Lillita Ouna I'm a fennec fox goddess that was gifted the key of time and bestowed the task of keeping the timeline safe and this is my boyfriend nekuro Nekuro : Yo I'm a blue pit viper snake boy from the future who got turned into a human the mask was intrigued so it gave one of them void vision it kept them safe while crossing the void then at an unexpected moment they were ambushed by voidlings, only the one with void vision was cabable of seeing them. They rushed to attack their friends. at that moment the mask made an order to the creatures to stand down. The voidlings got staggered for a moment before trying again to attack. this time the mask made them visible for the whole party which almost depleted the mask's energy Lillita starts shooting their bow and arrow but it has no effect on the voidlings Nekuro tries to melee the voidling it had an effect on them but it was sadly futile for the voidlings are stronger a void creature appears and deletes the voidlings it was unidentefiable by anyone including the mask The void demon rushes to destroy the mask before it crosses the gate between the realms. But the adventurers are ready this time they have an epic battle in which the demon almost kills them the mask flies from the face of the wearer and it shines brightly and uses the rest of its power to summon a body made of pure void energy and attacks the demon

after a battle that almost destroyes the void kingdom. the mask stands infront of the demon while they are both dying. the demon says: i made you how can you be cabable of defeating me the mask answers : its true you made me but you didn't give me my life you have no control here the demon smiles while launching one last attack on the mask, the mask get some tentacles that block the attack and then start to choke the demon to death. but at that moment the mask finds out that he was about to die because a voidling got to hit him the mask falls of the body almost shattaring on the ground it appears that the demon has won until then Lillita to save the mask pierces the heart of the demon at that moment the demon falls on the ground and as a reward for killing him he offers the adventurers 1 wish Nekuro : what should we do with that wish Lillita : lets ask him to return us home the mask speaks and says: for fuck sake revive me please the adventurers look towards the mask and say : wait you are still alive the mask answers : yes would you please for the love of god revive me they talk with eachother acting as if the mask cant hear them Nekuro : should we revive him ? Lillita : yes he told us he could get us out so why not the mask irritated says : i can hear you and yes i can get you out they then say : well that seems like a win win situation for us after that they tell the demon to give his power to the mask and revive him the demon agrees while being filled with anger and disgust revives the mask and asks him to remeber him the mask responds with : no i don't think i will the demon and the mask knew the mask was lying

after the mask got revived he opened the portal for the adventurers and entered it with them. the adventurures find themselves at their homes, while the mask fall on the ground near a research facility. a researcher takes him inside and wears him on to jump scare his friends but to his surprise he was no longer in control of his body and he went into deep sleep once he woke up he found himself in the infarmary and was told by other researchers that the mask is inside a glass box in a research room

reasearchers observations and conversations the might of the void is a mask that takes control of whoever wears it be it by choice or by force the mask usually is not hostile towards humans unless the humans show hostility the mask will try to mimic the human that wears it at time but we are not sure if its mimicking or if it becomes part of the human

Test No.55 : we tried to talk to the mask one on one the mask seems to be cheerful and friendly and the reasearcher inside noticed some bright white air appearing in the room test sucessful

Test No.69 : we took samples of the white air. the mask says it orignates from the void and wherever he goes the air follows, we checked a piece of the mask in a seprate research room. results : the piece was slowly consumed by the white air. observation : The entity that resides within the mask has shown signs of honesty, however we are unsure of its true intentions. Further testing is required Test finished

Test No.103 : the mask is trying to nagotiate his release he says he likes humans so he will not hurt anyone thats besides the point Below is a transcript of a conversation between the "Mask" and a researcher who didnt refill the coffee machine Mask : Do you know when i will be released. Researcher : I am afraid we will be able to release you. Mask : I'm afraid that you're afraid of being afraid of letting me go. The void creatures are unpredictable Researcher : Void creatures? Mask : Beings from beyond your world, some can guide you and the others obliterate you from space time. I'd take the risk of freeing me if i were you

in the middle of the conversation a creature from the void appears and almost kills the researcher The scientist was found crippled. Bones within the calves and ribs were shattered. Further examination shows signs of blunt force trauma.

the mask barely returns the creature to the void

pretty safe to say that mask might get his release

Test No. 104 : last test The masks release is on our hands either way the mask appears to have made a body appear for itself so it doesn't need to control a human anymore


the lore is not done for the moment and could be added on

special credit to the person who helped me with polishing a part of the lore

madaline also known as maddie the insane fo anyone who wants to support her here is her twitch :

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