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Miffy is a ghost puppy Vtuber living in Australia who streams a variety of video games. She is 155cm (5'1") and her birthday is September 17th.

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Once upon a time, there was a puppy named Miffy, whose life was tragically cut short. But fate had other plans. A powerful being gave her a second chance at life and connected her to the mortal world, the tether being an enchanted collar linked to a totem concealed in a secret location known only to her.

Miffy returned to life without any memories of her past. With an insatiable yearning for companionship, she embarked on a quest to connect with living souls. Yet, her presence often annoyed those she approached, leading them to try and ward her off with salt.

Undeterred by these misadventures, Miffy tried to use her ghostly abilities to scare people instead, but her lack of mastery over invisibility, traversing through walls and overall clumsiness made her to be more of joke than anything.

As the days went on, Miffy found herself in desolation, devoid of purpose or direction. In a final attempt to find her place, she ventured into the vast expanse of the internet. Through this virtual realm, she discovered a diverse array of potential playmates via streaming and somewhere she could finally find her place as their playful companion.

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