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Midnight is a wandering creature of dreams and nightmares who is currently active on Youtube as a content creator. She loves creating atmospheric ambiences and taking her viewers along the ride, and she also enjoys a good mystery-solving game. Midnight usually streams games in English, but since she is fluent in both English and Mandarin, she is able to interact with viewers using either language with no problem.

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In a post-apocolyptic world where energy resources were scarce, scientists developed a system to extract usable energy from human dreams and subconscious mind activities. They categorized human thoughts and dreams into 13 layers, with 1 being on top as the purest, and 13 being at the bottom where the most destructive nightmares and trauma resided. Scientists would filter out any thoughts and mind activities more than layer 5, in order to extract "clean and usable" energy from human subjects. In this world, the poor were captured and forced to give up their lives to be used as disposable fuel for the wealthy.

One day, Victor, a young boy troubled by servere chronic nightmares, was captured along with others to be sent into the power plant. Unbeknownst to him, several members of the rebellious group "Sandman" were also among the captured. "Sandman" members managed to switch out the gas which the lab used to force people entering an eternal dreamstate with temporary anesthesic chemicals. After the group fell into temporary sleep, they were each attached to a power extracting machine. Usually the special chemical gas concoction would completely erase all negative emotions and sense of pain from the subjects, however, this time, once the machine started working, people were forced to wake up by the excruciating pain caused by the energy extracting process.

Fear quickly engulfed the facility, and the machines started to break down. Out the chaos, Victor's nightmare broke out of the 13th layer. The Nightmare absorbed the pain, horror, and desperation from all the human subjects, and realized itself into a semi-human form. Victor's body was destroyed during the explosion of the power plant, but his Nightmare, taking over the form of Victor's deseased mother, managed to salvage the last remaining fragment of his core consciousness, which she then fused with Victor's pet raven after escaping the facility. The Nightmare found Victor's journal, and she took on the name Midnight, as it was the name of the child's imaginary best friend. She began her journey traveling through different space-time, trying to find ways to fix Victor's consciousness.

Midnight crashlanded into the computer system in Lights Out Studio in this space-time after a mysterious attack while she was hopping through the mindflow of space-time. She was almost treated as a computer virus and nearly got deleted by the studio managers. After she explained what happened, the managers decided to help her recover by connecting her to a lot of mind activities through the Internet. While waiting for recovery, Midnight now works as a Vtuber, playing games and interacting with humans through the Internet.

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