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Mia Myriad

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  • (All of this is out of date, I mostly do Magic the Gathering content now and dropped streaming with a model.) - Mia is a female cat-girl Vtuber that mostly streams FPS and sometimes RPGs, MMOs or MOBAs. She is prone to making decisions without thinking, which often gets her into the most hilarious situations. Mia is generally a light-hearted person, though she isn't afraid to show teeth when she is in a pinch.
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Created from Stardust at the very beginning of time, this celestial being has become bored of the vast emptiness of space until, very recently, she has found a planet that has caught her attention: earth. She was intrigued by the life forms inhabitating this planet, especially the humans and their interests. Taking the form of what the humans call Neko or catgirl she in turn tries getting the humans as invested in her as she is in them, broadcasting her favourite earthling past-time activity via a streaming platform called twitch.

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