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Mellochi is an ENVTuber who has not debuted yet. They want to create a community that is safe and accepting for all types of people. They love playing open world and sandbox video games, but will stream a variety of different games. They also love horror despite being easily scared by just about anything. The main games they play are Minecraft and Animal Crossing, and they are hilariously bad at any PvP game. They often have their head in the clouds.

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Mellochi is a demon from an eternally cold realm. After living in a constant winter for hundreds of years, they decided to leave and go to Earth, in hopes of finally being free of the freezing temperatures they had grown to hate. When they came to Earth, it wasn't long before they learned of the concept of seasons, and was upset at having to go through winter once again. Mellochi isn't well-versed in human customs, and as such has a hard time socializing with others, but they discovered the world of VTubing and thought this would be the best way to come out of their shell! Despite being annoyed at Earth and its winter season, they want to make the best of this new place they live because to them, anything is better than going back to an eternal winter.

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