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November 2020
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Mask is vampire VTuber on Twitch who can be found streaming until late into the early mornings. She's a sweet and energetic monster girl with a little gremlin streak and an amazing laugh. If you're looking for a playmate, she's definitely worth a look.

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Mask, born of two vampires: one a widow of a holy knight hiding her heritage; the other the most evil and manipulative of vampires you can find. In her blissful ignorance she tried her best to please them, only to be called a monster, cast aside, and imprisoned. There she starved. Her mind went blank. In that space, she simply existed.

One day there was a raid on the castle. In the group of initiates was a lone wolf mage. He reached out, with compassion, freeing her from her shackles, and filling her belly. A new connection was born. She later became a caretaker and guard for his estate. This is where she has the freedom to finally breath. Energetic, and playful... but be careful. There is still a monster inside.

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