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Marko Yamashita



Independent VTuber streaming games, commentary, opinion pieces and news across thee VTuber landscape. I play games I find interesting while clearing my back catalog on Steam while also giving honest opinions on current events throughout the VTuber universe. From Hololive to Nijisanji to independent VTubers (EN or JP), I'm willing to discuss everything so long as the conversation can remain civil.

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One day, I saw 3 strange girls dressed with bunny ears walking together. As I followed them, I accidently fell down the rabbit hole and found myself transformed into an ookami in this strange world known as VTuber. Unsure how to get home, I explore the vast universe of VTubers meeting new and established VTubers, introducing new people to this growing genre of streamer, all-the-while, trying to find the path... that one day... will lead to the way home.

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