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A Cosmic Wyrm that runs his own Cafe known as 'The Cozy Cobra', a gentle giant that enjoys spending time with many a person.

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I have been called many things over the millennia, Apep, Typhon, Leviathan, even Jörmungandr, mind that was after I used my power to enter down onto this small little rock. Originally I was going to devour the life on it, after all the dinosaurs as you call them looked very filling. But after I accidently knocked a floating rock at this systems astroid belt with my tail and subsequently caused their extinction... well that was off the table.

So I waited, gently nudging civilizations in the right direction to maybe produce something I could stomach. But eventually I started get interested in you humans, so evidently I used the last of my energy to shrink myself down to a more... manageable size, though it was still a struggle for a few centuries since I could still take up the entire ocean with my size, but after eating the last of the larger predators in the deep blue I shrank down once again.

This time to a Human standard... Though I was still as long as a few buses from head to tail tip. After persuading your leaders that I meant no Ill will, they allowed me to co-exist with humans, and it was a struggle for sure. But as you can see I opened up my own shop now.

After all if things get bad I can also jab some of my venom in me to get back to my more.... Normal size but either way-

Welcome to the Cozy Cobra Café, can I get you something to drink???

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