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Mallory Lamb

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Mallory Lamb is an American-based streamer and content creator who makes content primarily in English. Mallory is a laid-back, (mostly) relaxed sheep who just enjoys the company that streaming brings! Despite her cutesy, fluffy appearance, she's got the mouth of a sailor and isn't afraid to use it.

She streams a mixture of games and art - her gaming streams consist of all kinds of games, and her art streams consist of her drawing a wide variety of things, such as fanart, emotes, and more! Mallory is also a singer and uploads song covers on her YouTube channel in both English and Japanese.

Her birthday is January 4, making her a Capricorn. She is 176cm tall, not including the small amount of extra height from her horns.

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Mallory is a small sheep who hails from the southern part of Free Country USA. She grew up on a small farm with her papa sheep, mama sheep, and big broski. After graduating college, she left her home and moved to the woods outside of Free Country proper, into a small cottage. Now, she streams as a way to make new friends while she works on learning more about her own identity, which has been shrouded in mystery. Mallory's parents are very avoidant at talking about several things, such as her family history, why electronics tend to glitch out whenever she's around, and why she has a wing, let alone why Mama Sheep has two. She hopes that over her streaming journey, she'll make new friends and learn about herself!

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