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Makoroni, or otherwise known as Mako is a Independent Virtual Streamer & Youtuber that streams over twitch. she mainly plays games such as Destiny 2, Apex legends and other variety games. They also are big anime and movie enjoyer and very much into pop culture and Anime culture. Mako is often called makoko as a nickname.

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Farfalla are a race of aliens with shapeshifting capabilities that came to earth after their home planet was destroyed by a comet. due to earths atmosphere they could not survive on the surface because of their fragile bodies so they burrowed into the earth making a hollow earth sanctuary for themselves and for millions of years took a new form resembling humans while also adapting earth animal like traits. Mako's case they adapted Cat like traits. They live peacefully in the hollow earth as their Home. their ears have butterfly like patterns to them and behave similar to butterfly antennae and are very sensitive. Mako's Lore mother is @Blumthewaifu who is also known as the founder of the Farfalla Closed species. If you wish to learn more about Farfalla species there is a link under Mako's "about me" on their carrd site. Fun fact, Farfalla Means butterfly in Italian.


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