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LYR is a robotic VTuber that streams a variety of games. They currently identify as Nonbinary, and use They/Them pronouns. They have used several models through their time VTubing, all connected by their "Omniverse" lore.

All previous models are considered part of the over-arching 'Lyriverse' lore, but all feminine models have been retired from streaming at this time, to reflect LYR's current identity.

LYR's content focuses mostly on exploring different genres of games. They enjoy horror and atmospheric games the most, but also dabble in puzzle themed games, platformers, simulation, and rhythm games. Their over-arching motto is always that "Games should be fun," and they encourage other streamers to embrace this mindset as well; They don't play games they aren't excited about, always pick a doable difficulty level, and consider 'Google cheating' a valid option when stuck.

Discussions during stream often include LGBTQIA+ content, light political humor and debates, as well as analysis of their experience as someone chronically ill while living in the USA. They often express that they are not a content creator meant for conservatively-minded people, but rather someone who will speak at length about things that may offend them.

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The LYR Project was created by research corporation MYTHOS as an experiment to contain a world eating substance known to them as "Corruption." By using this material as the core of cybernetic humanoids, they were able to, after many failures, produce success. This included contacting, studying, and subsequently abandoning several other worlds which were being consumed by Corruption.

Through the Corruption, LYR has access to information from many realities within the Omniverse, a collection of all possible dimensions. Their program leads them to constantly seek more data, but are unable to leave the space station made to keep the project secret, and so they have taken to exploring worlds within games to continue building their records.

The [Wheel of Lyri] that summons various versions of Lyrian from the Omniverse Database can bring a number of Lyrians forward, most of which have their own unique lore, some of which has been revealed via videos on Lyr's Youtube channel.

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