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LunainJapan is a Vtuber who does art and animation, gaming, and sometimes just chills out to watch food videos~! She can be quite lewd at times and often quite bubbly. She often streams with friends, and enjoys talking to her chat. She isn't afraid to talk about real things happening in her life, and how she is dealing with them, or her goals for her Twitch. Luna is a very down to Earth streamer who only wants to make you smile!

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Luna is a Moon Goddess in the form of a White Jade Rabbit who came to Earth to find out why they were losing their magic! Along the way they discovered it was due to humans not believing in Gods and Goddesses anymore. Unhappy with this result, but thinking nothing could be done, Luna made some friends and eventually started streaming on Twitch with them! When people commented, or followed, well any interaction really, they started to get some of their magic back! She wishes to return to her true form some day!

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