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Luna Steele

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Luna is a female goth Vtuber that does streaming on Twitch and makes content mainly in Portuguese, although she's native in English as well. Playing Horror, RPG, Survival, and very rarely FPS. Overtime, her appearance will be more demonic as to play a bit with the lore.

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"One stormy night, while building my new gaming PC, lightning struck as I was switching the PC on, and the world went dark. When I opened my eyes again, I was in a fancy manor I’d never seen before, wearing frilly clothes I’d never bought, in a body that wasn’t my own.

I soon discovered that the manor’s doors were locked, and that the windows were all bolted shut.

Fortunately, I found in the office a desk with a computer oddly resembling the one I was building before I woke up here, with an internet connection provided by Satan Ltd.

When I turned it on, a pop-up message appeared - The Prince of Darkness Himself needs my help to build an army to fight against Heaven, and I’m His newest entertainment demoness. "

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