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Loup is a Virtual streamer but also Youtuber who makes content in English. But also gaming and singing !

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In the quiet village of Lunaria somewhere on another planet lived a mysterious sorcerer named Loup. Born under a rare lunar alignment

Loup dedicated himself to mastering the Moonlight Arts. With each passing phase, he would harness the magic of the moon, weaving spells that ranged from soothing moonlit illusions to powerful nocturnal enchantments.

All his friends, and his familly considered him as a guardian of the night.

Loup, however, felt a calling beyond the confines of Lunaria. He decided to share his mystical talents with a broader audience. Embracing the virtual realm, and became a Virtual Sorcerer. In the digital landscape, Loup captivated audiences with his soothing voice, ethereal presence, adn created his first Coven. Together, they embarked on quests to unlock the potential of lunar magic, exploring fantastical realms under the silver glow of the moon.

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