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Lola was a Virtual YouTuber who streamed in English. She was associated with Taiyaki Studios. She streamed using a 3D model in the Just Chatting category. A big part of her streams was game show elements where viewers can earn virtual currency to customize an avatar character of their own called a Weewo. She also created music that were performed live on most streams.

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Lola is a rapping space buccaneer with a wild past. She was born to a poor family of miners on a planet far into the galaxy. Later in life, she was sent to a prestigious academy. While she was the life of the party at her academy, she still struggled academically and many of her classmates kept their distance from her.

One night in the academy, she uncovered a dark secret. That secret was that the school was conducting biotech experiments on its students. With the help of a mysterious hacker, she was able to escape the school and finally go off on her own.

Once on her own, she was adopted into a space pirate crew. The captain of this crew was Captain Luke. Captain Luke and the rest of his crew would go on many heists together. On one of these heists, Lola infiltrated a secret scientific lab where a sacred egg was being held. She felt a weird power coming from it and in an act of defiance to her crew, she took the egg for herself and escaped.

Later, she learned that this egg held great power. This power allows for an alien species known as "Weewos" to spawn from it. The Weewos are bound to serve and worship the egg. Lola used this power to her advantage to make her own crew and become her own captain.

The egg's power knows no bounds. It completely controls the Weewos and will keep them from dying. Sometimes, the egg needs offerings and sacrifices of Weewos to grant good fortune to the rest of the crew. Lola will perform these sacrifices in the great Church of the Egg. A ritual involving her songs will enact the egg's power and cast the Weewo to its demise.

The power the egg holds allows her more than just to sacrifice. It also allows her to take her crew on many adventures. One of her most famous adventures led her to be on Filian's talent show. In this talent show, she performed a great ritual to turn Filian into a Weewo herself.

This talent show caught the attention of her previous crew. Before this, they believed her to be dead. With the knowledge that she had the egg, they started to search for her. In their time searching, many previous crew members would leave her voicemails detailing how they found her and how imperative it was to return the egg. Lola ignored all these calls and continued to tell the Weewos that they were fine.

While the calls were happening, Lola informed the Weewos how much financial trouble they were in. Most of this was caused by her frivolously spending all the money she's stolen. This led her crew to be in extreme debt.

Calls from her previous crew continued to get more and more severe until she received a call from her previous Captain. Captain Luke stated he would destroy Lola's ship and all the Weewos in it. He appealed to her humanity and said he was willing to let the entire crew live if she was able to just hand over the egg.

Lola wouldn't let this stand and instead secretly sold out her crew for five million star notes. He agreed to the terms as long as Lola was to hand over the egg in a drone he would send to the ship. This completely eliminated the debt that Lola accrued. Instead of spending this money on something responsible. She contacted her chief advisor Weewo Steve to ask for the name of a famous designer. She wanted to get a new outfit. He told her that the best designer for the job would be Florian Ferdinand Friedrich Engelbert von Glanzstadt zu Himmelspalast.

She set her sight on Florian and forcefully teleported him from a massage he was receiving at the time. While Florian was confused about what happened, Lola explained to him that he had the option to make her a new outfit or face the consequences. Florian finally relented and made the outfit for her. In turn, Lola paid the entire five million dollars to him.

Lola came clean about the true fate of the egg to the Weewos. This led the crew to be completely out of any money and their egg to be in jeopardy. Florian told Lola she was making a huge mistake and to reconsider the terms of the agreement with Captain Luke. She started to rethink everything and realized that her crew has been through so much with her. She decided to not give them up and would not place the egg in the drone. At that very moment, Captain Luke's ships started to target Lola's ship. She knew she had to take a last stand against Captain Luke and his army of robots. This led Florian to hide himself with an invisibility cloak so as to not get in the way of the fight.

The Weewos and Lola banded together and began to fight his army of minions. In a fury of fists, Lola beat them left and right. This effort was at a loss because Captain Luke tased Lola and took the egg. The egg's power overtook the Weewo's minds and they became brainwashed under his control.

Luke tried to perform a show of his own to entertain his new crew. Most of the crew was not standing for his villainy and began to defy him. Captain Luke told the Weewos to bend to his will. The Weewos still relenting and begging to know what he did with Lola. Luke revealed that she was tied up where she used to store the sacred egg. Lola begged the Weewos to not fall for Luke's tricks. While Luke was distracted, Florian turned off his invisibility cloak to sneak attack Luke.

Once Luke was downed, Florian threw Lola the egg and freed her. Lola began her escape to the Church of the Egg. The cultist Weewos began working on a portal to help Lola and the rest of the crew escape. Luke began to search the ship and finally found out where Lola had been. Luke pulled out his sword and challenged Lola to a dual. Lola, tired of running, took the challenge and they engaged in battle.

Luke told Lola she wasn't capable of being a leader. That she was reckless, irresponsible, and selfish. She agreed and explained that she wasn't a coward like him. He attacked her and she dodged. She screamed for the cultist Weewos to get the crew out and the portal opened. Lola threw a grenade at Luke and jumped into the portal.

It turned out that the cultist Weewos had the portal go to a new ship for the crew to live on. The new ship, while a little under repair, was the new home to Captain Lola and her crew.

While Lola had believed to finally have defeated her previous Captain, it turned out Luke served another master of his own. His master was the one who truly wanted the egg. Luke claimed he had failed his master and that it wouldn't happen again. Luke's sole mission had become to get the egg at all costs.

Lola now lives a carefree life looking after her crew and traveling the galaxy with them.

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