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Lenore is a genderfluid (Her/They) English Virtual Streamer and Voice Actor who streams on Twitch. She plays a variety of games such as Dead By Daylight, Fortnite, JRPG and Rhythm Games. Her favourite colour is purple. Lenore has a very eccentric personality, has been called "cozy" before, and she loves to spend time with her coven the most!

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Lenore is a half-ling who comes from the depths of the void to bring her new follower’s pain and suffering. Wait. I mean! LOVE and FRIENDSHIP! Yes. That’s it. She was sent to Earth by the higher ups in the demon realm, with the one task to create a new world of followers that only worship her, like the other demon’s that came before her! However, things never go as planned. Reason being? Lenore is terrible at the whole “recruit followers to worship her” thing. Demons & Vampire’s alike make fun of Lenore for her clumsy and carefree attitude, sending her on an impossible mission of creating the world’s largest cult… I MEAN COVEN! All in her name.

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