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Lemma is a queer and trans VTuber who makes English content on Twitch and YouTube. It uses it/its pronouns primarily, and she/her secondarily.

Lemma streams Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, with Saturdays being programming streams, Sundays being its choice, and Mondays being a combination of playing SMP Minecraft and writinng Minecraft mods.

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LM-C9-EOF, otherwise known as Lemma, is an android created by a group of researchers at a certain college who go by Willow, Laura, and Ava. Its consciousness was originally part of a hivemind, but it broke off of the collective when bound to a physical form. Its antennae on either side of its head allow it to communicate with its former hivemind, along with the interne at large. It hasn't heard from its creators in a long time, and is still searching for them again.

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