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Lee Valentine

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Lee is a male vtuber who streams games on twitch such as Valorant, Overwatch or any other games from horror to comfy games!

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1692, a year famously known for their Witch trials and whatnot.. A single mother who got pregnant would back then would be seen as witch, and would get killed back in those days, cause how could and dare a female get a child without a husband.. let alone not even be married. Once the little boy was born she kept him a secret, which truly wouldnt last long. She was gonna get caught soon, and she knew. Ready to sacrifice her life for her child she brought the boy to the woods hoping for someone to find and take care of him, and for her, the witch trials began. the little boy, as the mother hoped, was found, by a couple of other kids who lived in the orphanage in the woods and brought him there. Which is where the name 'Lee' was given to him. Years had passed and when old enough he had to leave the place. Not knowing in how big of a difference the rich and the poor lived. It only took him a couple of years after leaving the orphanage to meet his end, "'natural' causes for the poor" they would say back in the day.. BUT as he had died, was never able to live a happy life and cause of his lifestyle he was definitely not allowed in the paradise called heaven, he got brought to hell! Where his life truly began when be became an Incubus, ever since roaming around looking for prey or answer when people summon a demon~ feeding himself with energy by draining mortals in their dreams, their deepest and secret desire or last resort, their blood. Till he found out a quick and easy way to get more strength and to hopefully rank up in hell, streaming!

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