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Laela Raselhague



Laela is a pre-debut Virtual Streamer who wants to share games, art, and songs on both Twitch and YouTube. She has a sometimes strange, but always optimistic personality. The senpai that inspire Laela the most are Hoshimachi Suisei, Ninomae Ina'nis, and Nyatasha Nyanners. She hopes to meet other interesting VTubers to collaborate with and form a high-powered streamer team. Laela is 160cm tall, but her other measurements are top secret - and despite hailing from Ophiuchus, she is actually a Libra by Earth time.

Lore Edit

The brightest star in the constellation Ophiuchus, Rasalhague is a blue giant thousands of times bigger than the sun. Laela Raselhague is a sparkling fragment of that star that travelled over 48 lightyears to visit Earth, but unfortunately became stranded. Rather than do nothing while waiting for her rescue, Laela has been making the most of her time here and is now taking up streaming to share her favourite things with the entire cosmos.

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