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LadyKensey is a virtual streamer who creates content in English on Twitch and Tiktok. She is trying to grow on Twitter and YouTube as well, slowly but surely. Life can be hard, so she tries to fill her streams with fun times and good laughter. She is a total nerd, uber geek, anime weeb, and gamer girl. If you witness an absurd amount of cussing, screaming, and maniacal laughter, this is all normal behavior for her. She loves playing video games on stream such as Elden Ring, Resident Evil, God of War, Dead Space, Dead by Daylight, and many more games.

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LadyKensey is the personification of a 27-year-old American female. She has many different sides to her that come out in her unique VTuber skins. There's Druid Kensey who is best known for her bravery in tackling games like Sekiro and Elden Ring. Next, Yandere Kensey who is chaotic and loves horror games. Then, we have Barista Kensey who is the more serious, professional side of Kensey that loves making coffee for her viewers. Next, Swimsuit Kensey who loves swimming, laughing, and meeting new people. Last but not least, we have Kratos Kensey who is best at handling insurmountable tasks such as God of War (2018) on hard mode. She was not afraid to fight a Valkyrie for 4 hours until she won. Her determination knows no bounds, but occasionally she does rage quit when the task seems impossible. All 5 of these VTuber skin personalities represent the many sides of LadyKensey.

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