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LAAPPLEPIE is an australian based Vtuber who primarily streams on Twitch. She mainly streams art and gaming in English but can also speak Cantonese and Mandarin -- though this would require a lot of convincing and coaxing for that to happen. She normally plays Warframe, Code Vein and Destiny 2 but has plans to branch out so keep an eye out for her alt models! Her birthday is on the 24th of January.

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Since becoming one of Francois' many phylacteries, she puts fourth an unassuming appearance of a human to protect her identity and network and is rarely seen with her master, LAAPPLEPIE also acts as Francois' failsafe in case their soul becomes compromised and falls to corruption. Stricken by retrograde amnesia upon resurrecting as a False Dracolich, not much is known about her past. Thus she tries to forge a new life for herself and traverse the path of self discovery. However she is secretly conducting a private investigation behind her master's back with her defected android personal assistant at her side, in hopes to find out who she was in her past life since her master refuses to give her a concrete answer. So far she has only discovered allusions to her past life through her ability to materialise a second soulforged weapon (A Longsword) that cannot be performed if the individual contains or have absorbed more than one soul into their own; flashbacks to foreign yet familiar times of the past and relics that she has never seen yet feel a familiar connection towards.

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