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Kusai is an energetic catboy from space, in his free time he likes to watch anime and play video games. Where Kusai is you'll find a Jojo reference nearby eventually.

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Extraterrestrial cat boy with funny haha powers, launched into the depths of space as a child for being different than the Nekojin race he was born into. They killed any one in their tribe who possessed positive personality traits, he happened to have the worst of all. At the age of 5 he was cast into the vacuum of space for researching forbidden knowledge on comedy. Discovering he can actually breathe in space, and that his home planet was not actually his. After drifting through space and nearly starving to death, he entered the orbit of a planet called "Earth". To his surprise, the beings on this planet called "humans" welcomed him with open arms, yes there was social stigma and people judged him. But unlike his home planet, where no one cared about him, Earth had plenty who did. He was taken in by a famer couple at the crash site. He calls earth his home, works a full time job and enjoys playing video games, as well as guitar in his spare time.

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