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I'm KoliertKun, your local therapist doctor despite having no qualifications in being one or legally but we'll just ignore that shall we. I would often create gaming video content , VA content as in Voice acting in some Visual Novel, also might as well to take the chance to tell that the channel is certainly strict for 18+ only since I do heavily swear,curses,sus content and etc but overall it would be mostly consist of people whom in need for some reaffirmations or just approval by someone anything really- I would be glad to help you in any way I can to satisfy your needs.

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KoliertKun had been living on earth in it's spirit humanly form died of an unknown cause and were bounded to earth for a good couple of decade's centuries of human lives and centuries for year's he had monitored and continued to look over the human races in silent. Up until they year of Vtubers and other form of entertainment were able to caught his attention a place where anyone could be anything and perform or doing content for others enjoyment- he felt a surge amount of excitement then proceeds to search for a suitable host for him to possess their body where both agreed and decided to use their ability to make things a better place for everyone.

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