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KoffeeBeanie is your caffeinated drink personified into an English Vtuber! She specializes in Just Chatting on Twitch, emphasizing importance on connection and understanding. She has also dabbled in VRChat streams, multiplayer games with team building collabs, and a bit of handcam streams as well! Her custom Live2D debut is still to arrive, but in the meanwhile you can still check out her personality!

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Koffeebeanie is a caffeinated beverage, you guessed it- Coffee!! She has become sentient, and her variation of coffee type is French Vanilla. While in her coffee non-sentient past, she has absorbed the vibes of cafe culture around her and wishes to bring the comforts of cafe themes to more people; thus resulting in her reaching out to stream in her now sentient form. So in the form of a half neko made of coffee, she has set out to bring "come sit with me at a coffee table, and let's discuss" atmospheres to her streams.

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