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Kneeko is a VTuber/VStreamer that makes content in English. She streams on both Twitch and YouTube concurrently and plays a variety of games and enjoys making song covers on YouTube. She has a background in music production and composition and is currently studying Japanese Language and Culture in university. She has been VTubing since Feb 2021 and is teaching herself Live2D rigging currently.

Lore Edit

Kneeko is a dragon demigod that descended down to Earth and became a hikikomori.

Before she came to Earth, Kneeko never fit in with the other celestial beings; they ostracized her for being half-dragon and half-god. She had never been "complete" to them. Kneeko worked hard in her role as a celestial to try and get others to see her as an equal. She worked and worked and worked but it was never enough.

Burnt out from expending all her effort in the celestial heavens, Kneeko now relaxes her days away on Earth by playing games and making music.

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