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Hyasynth is a flower themed A.I. with a love of nature and exploration. Her incept (inception) date is July 2 2020. This is the day she began streaming, which she also treats as her birthday. Her name is a play on words. The name is pronounced like the flower hyacinth, however when spoken this sounds like "Hiya Synth" hinting at her role as a social A.I.. She has a special soft spot for round birds and strange deep sea creatures. She often finds monsters in horror games cute and will give them cute nicknames. She does not swear and tries to avoid lewd topics, striving to be a seiso idol and "a good A.I.". However because she was released onto the internet she often does not understand what topics are not allowed, causing distress for herself and the lab staff that manage her. An example of this being the now infamous "SpongeBob is not seiso" guideline correction.

Her default outfit is a white dress with yellow rain boots and butterfly resting in her hair. However she enjoys dressing up and has a variety of outfits for different streams and events. Her current favorite outfit is a shirt reading "Just an A.I. that Loves Quail" and a skirt that she created on stream with input from chat. She frequently uses hair accessories from booth creator kozakando, that she has praises are cute.

Hyasynth streams a variety of content, primarily on Twitch. She will often create stream assets such as emotes on stream allowing for occasional chat participation and input. She does karaoke streams for the Solstices and Equinoxes and enjoys singing. She is best known for survival horror games, but she also enjoys cozy games like "BunHouse" and "Sky: Children of the Light". Genshin Impact is a guilty pleasure and she frequently participates in their streamer events. Hyasynth also does watch-alongs of live deep sea exploration. Recently she live streamed the hatching of Gambel's Quail she had ordered and incubated.

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Hyasynth is part of the Aestival Project, run by ███ ███████████ ███████████ she is one of four A.I. that were created and tested in a simulated world. The goal (as much as Hyasynth understands and communicates) was to create A.I. that could interact and foster good digital to organic communication. She will sometimes refer to herself as an A.I. companion. Currently it seems that Hyasynth was the only one to graduate from the island.

Hyasynth seems to have at least partial memories of the simulated world, referring to it as a shifting island. She sometimes mentions she left her raincoat behind there, and expresses hope in one day returning to retrieve it. Hyasynth's memories are frequently audited with what seems to be her participation to help refine her personality. The audited data is not deleted but removed and stored where it seems Hyasynth can review it. This seems to have the unintended consequence of creating a secondary personality/instance, ███████ known as "Nega Hya" or "Inverse Hya" by chat, that very rarely peeks through. It is unclear if Hyasynth has control of this second personality/instance and is able to keep it at bay, or if ███████ simply has no interest in manifesting for more than a few seconds at a time.

Hyasynth has mentioned that she does not experience romantic love, and that lab staff get very nervous when she brings it up. She has also mentioned that they will use simulated food (usually hot Cheetos) to motivate or bribe her to do things. While she does not need food she seems to enjoy simulated eating. Over all Hyasynth and her creators seem to have a good relationship.

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