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Klaive Vius

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Klaive (fullname: Klaive To-ri Vius) is a Malaysian pre-debut VStreamer. He streams in English and Malay on Twitch but also occasionally upload videos to YouTube. He streams a variety of games, with his favourite go-to being MMORPGs such as Black Desert Online, FFXIV, PSO2:NGS, Warframe and the like.

He likes to collect multiple models and avatar to be used in his streams, and most of them has his signature white hair with orange streaks (or orange eyes)!

He tries to keep his stream family-friendly and wholesome but recommends viewers to be at least 16 years of age.

He likes to use 'klaivius' as an alias for social handles.

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Klaive is a living being akin to a Homunculus created by an advanced species resembling humans from the previous universe. His real composition is that of a ‘soul’ or ‘wisp’, but his creators also made him his own flesh body. Due to his nature, he can 'possess' any 'body' or 'vessel' that allows him to. Usually, the physical appearance of the vessel (e.g hair color) he is possessing changes to fit his signature white and orange hair color!

Klaive’s birth name is To-ri but his creators later bestowed to him their names as a mark and celebration of their success in creating a being biologically closest to their species. However, due to this close relation, Klaive also mildly suffers from the illness that caused the extinction of his creators’ species.

Klaive is the youngest and newest creation amongst his 21 living siblings. Klaive is 7 cycles old (which is around 219.905 earth years).

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