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Kiyori Sarai



Sharp, witty, and armed to the teeth, Kiyori's brand of entertainment is provocative and highly controversial. Echoing the sentiment of the aforementioned is her nature as a tactical Vtuber in games such as Ready or Not, Hell Let Loose, and Ground Branch. Apart from being a Vtuber, Kiyori is also a registered counsellor with Tourette's. In this regard, she renders counselling services to those who have need.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of Kiyori's Tourette's, her VoDs have been set to unpublished. For those who visit her stream, an apology beforehand for any misunderstandings caused as a result of her verbal tics.

Lore Edit

Born in 1909, Saban (Southern Sarea), Kiyori was raised in a well-learned family. She excelled in the studies of philosophy and theology, serving as pastor for three years before enlisting in the southern army. Eventually, Kiyori became the C.O of Camp Myra prior to her deployment against the Japanese in WW2. She primarily fought in the pacific until her death in November 1944 at the Hürtgen in Europe.

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