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Kiwi memoVT

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Hi or hello, i'm Kiwi_memoVT or call me memo, i not good introduce yourself try my best, I am a Rorschach vtuber aka inkblot with multiple appearance, forms mascot and femboi the big question what do you see? I do variety game and competitive game i have four appearance but depends the game genre

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born sea of collective unconscious, the human unconscious come in many type like form, image, prototype, and model, in a depth of human hearts, shared by all people, there is a domain where mythological archetypes dwell, and they grant an influence over an individual's personality development, so one could say that gods and exist not in Heaven and Hell but in the hearts of humanity come in form like a human a humanoid, a animal, a anthropomorphic, god or demon. May referred to as a "mask"

A Protected or Guardian creates what most based on humans like appearance, for now, a cat, a wolf, or a fox, but went create very not recognize a cabbit mix a cat and bunny, whatever humans meet or see, is their desire what they see or want to see, they look, they size, humans mind always a mystery.

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